2016 Ford f-150 Limited

One of the best known names in the car industry, Ford, has outdone itself yet again. The 2016 Ford F-150 Limited is all set to release sometime during the next year but the date has not been declared yet. This, however, hasn’t stopped customers from impatiently awaiting this newer model which is said to have significant improvements.┬áThe pick-up truck has seen a wonderful makeover with the addition of some fabulous new features.

2016 Ford f-150 Limited front

2016 Ford f-150 Limited Review

It has been inspired from the Ford Atlas, giving the vehicle smart but rugged looks. With a sturdy appearance, the car is a bulky marvel, ready to race across even the most rugged terrain at the highest speed. While the 2015 model created a great stir in the market for being one of the best pick-up trucks available, the 2016 model is even better.

It has been updated with some of the latest features, making it the pinnacle of comfort and travel. The Ford F-150 is said to be faster due to the aluminum parts which reduce its overall weight. It is going to have greater fuel economy and an increased towing capacity. While the 2015 model was considered to have reached perfection by many, Ford certainly didn’t think so. In fact, they have set out to prove exactly the opposite. By providing a number of new features to top up the already perfect pick-up truck, the 2016 Raptor has definitely acquired a large fan-base itching to get their hands on it.

2016 Ford f-150 Limited rear

2016 Ford f-150 Limited Engine

Due to the popularity of the previous model, the new one already has many speculations surrounding it. While Ford has not revealed many details, they have stated that the F-150 is going to be equipped with four engines. These include the 5 liter Ti-VCT V8, 3.5 liter EcoBoost, 3.5 liter Ti-VCT V6 and the 2.7 liter EcoBoost engine. Each of these help increase the speed of the vehicle due to its lighter frame, allowing it to smoothly race across land. With these improved features, the price is also said to have increased, but no official announcement has been made as yet, thereby not confirming any speculations.

2016 Ford f-150 Limited side

It is the ideal vehicle for the traveler at heart, for the truck is able to comfortably traverse even the most uneven lands. The luxurious interiors only add to this charm. The engine will have 411hp at 5000 rpm, ensuring the best driving experience. It is a model perfect for adrenaline junkies and adventure enthusiasts. Created for speed and exploration, this vehicle will accompany you through the most untrodden roads, creating paths where there are none. The raised suspension allows it to easily navigate across the most difficult terrain.

So get ready for the ride of your life with the 2016 Ford f-150 Raptor Limited as it is prepares to hit the market this year!

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