2016 Ford f-150 Redesign

Are you a big fun of trucks? Well what are you waiting for? Go and check out the new 2016 Ford f-150, the changes that have been made to it will definitely blow you away once you set your eyes on it. Thanks to its makers who have worked tirelessly of late to make sure they have come up with this fantastic truck. For you fans that love pickup trucks, this newest model will definitely make you want the release to be very soon. The 2016 Ford F-150 has been the most popular pickup truck for over five years now and it continues to gain its power in the market today and the future to come. While you sit there waiting for its premier, let’s look at the innovative changes that come with this newest model that are worth noticing.

 2016 Ford f-150 front.

2016 Ford f-150 Exterior

Engineers of this 2016 Ford f-150 come with glad news, first starting with the weight of this vehicle. The weight of this new model will be dropped, which makes the vehicle much lighter than you are used to. This has been made possible in that, the steel oriented framework that used to be will be replaced by an aluminum oriented framework making the machine lighter. This goes hand in hand with the performance level and acceleration qualities, as well as raising the gas mileage. Other parts worth noticing include: larger and powerful tires, excellent unique shocks and also, elevated suspension that is going to be installed. The chassis of this pickup truck are going to be sturdier to ensure that it’s able to offer pro efficient performance in any circumstance. The fans are going to greatly appreciate the elegant body architecture that comes with this truck.

 2016 Ford f-150 rear.

2016 Ford f-150 Interior

The interior of the new 2016 Ford f-150 are amazingly spectacular, and you will most definitely fall in love when you get to see it. Thanks to the manufacturers who have redesigned and also upgraded the inner parts of this vehicle with excellent structures and features. To be more specific, the passenger room has been altered with a few but very efficient and friendly modifications. When it comes to the cabin, it will be more spacious offering more room for shoulder and leg. You can imagine how relaxing this is, having all the space you want while relaxing for a good ride. The center console will house an 8-inch touch display screen that will control all the programs in the vehicle. Moreover, the interior will be equipped with other features such as efficient safety features and also an infotainment system.

2016 Ford f-150 interior.

2016 Ford f-150 Engine and Performance Capabilities

The main options for the 2016 Ford f-150 engine considering the minimized weight and performance are said to be an Eco boost V6 or the V8 5.0 liter engine, though that has not declared yet but the hope that it will have be a pro efficient engine. The new model is believed to be a game changer and the fans should wait patiently for this incredible and amazing bossy pickup truck of the century.

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