2016 Ford f150 Engine and MPG

Ford’s f150 has always been tough and there is no denying this heavy-duty hard-working vehicle can get the job done, be it loading timber or getting through those muddy trenches. The one thing that has always been an issue though, is the fuel economy. These types of vehicles have always been given the monstrous title of “Gas Guzzlers”. And in 2016, Ford has gone to great lengths to improve the fuel consumption in ways that do not compromise on power and performance.

2016 Ford f150 front

2016 Ford f150 Interior and Exterior

Ford has made some drastic changes to the body. The alloy-body is now made with the highest strength military-grade aluminium, while the steel frame is made with high-strength steel.

This is not just any light improvement. Excuse the pun, because this change has taken off an impressive 700 pounds off the total weight of the car. This allows for better functionality with less fuel consumption.

The design of the car is chic enough to look modern , but still maintains that tough-guy appeal with its sharper edges.

Since it is used for towing, there is a top-class towing system in place.

2016 Ford f150 Interior

The 2016 f150 maintains its computerized Terrain Management System. This high tech system helps manage other high performance features, such as traction control modes and even the “Baja” mode, made especially high-speed sprints in open-areas, like grasslands, plains and deserts.

2016 Ford f150 side

2016 Ford f150 Engine and MPG

As mentioned, the drastic reduction in weight has a major impact in the fuel economy as well as the engine needs.

The 2016 Ford f150 Engine will make use of 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6. Although Ford has until now, not revealed any formal output figures. They have made the formal clam that it will generate much more power than the V-8 engine

So, while we cannot give you the official 2016 Ford f150 Engine MPG figure, we can offer you the previous year engines MPG figures below. Many of these will still be available in some models.

(All these figures for (city/highway/combined)

2.7L EcoBoost V6 19/26/22

3.5L EcoBoost 17/24/20

3.5L Ti-VCT V6 18/25/20

5.0L Ti-VCT V8 15/22/18

The 2016 Ford f150 has a 10-speed automatic transmission and the Fox suspension has been upgraded with larger diameter shocks.

2016 Ford f150 interior

2016 Ford f150 Release date and price

This car is scheduled for production in late 2016, to be be made available that fall.

The price is yet to be officially confirmed but bare in mind the previous models averaged around $45 000, so let this be your guideline.

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