2017 Ford F150 News

When you name all the trucks which should be released for 2017 year you can`t forget to mention the truck icon, Ford`s pride called F150. Knowing that new 2017 Ford F150 News will appear makes all truck lover more than happy, it makes them stunning and excited. Seeing how brilliant job Ford has done with F150 in the past makes us wonder what they can do with this newest generation. Well, we`ve prepared some news we`ve gathered about new F150 and we just can`t wait to see if all of them will be true. Let`s see how new F150 could look.

2017 Ford F150 News Front

2017 Ford F150 News about the Exterior and Interior

Something that separates F150 from all others is his size because he`s huge. This new 2017 Ford F150 News will remain to be as huge as before and now, he`s going to look even powerful than before because with those changed details Ford have gave him, it look even more aggressive which is definitely something that Ford wanted him to become, even stronger truck. We can see new grille design which now looks more classy like Ford`s now taking better care about his exterior design than before. Larger headlights are something we have expected to see and it looks like Ford have placed them now. Other that they`re larger, they`re going to receive new lamps to make the visibility better than before. Both of the bumpers are very strong because all the 2017 Ford F150 News tells us that he can be even easier to be taken off-road. New wheels are also something there`s going to be added to new F150 and according to the rumors, that`s going to be new 18.0-inch alloy ones.

2017 Ford F150 News Interior

All 2017 Ford F150 News tells us that this truck is definitely going to be more than comfortable and equipped with so many fine details inside. New F150 will be great to receive 5 passengers inside and they`re going to enjoy every minute inside because now Ford will give him new seats design which will make your spine feel better and it`s going to be offered with better lumbar support. Instrument board will be well equipped and massive with so many new details added. All the 2017 Ford F150 News about his instrument board tells us that Ford will change his climate vents and make it bigger than before. His touchscreen which will be placed on the middle of it will be larger than before and he`s going to be able to be used as control for most of the functions installed in this truck. We still don`t have 2017 Ford F150 News about the functions which will be installed but we really expect to see more safety than entertainment ones.

2017 Ford F150 News about the Engine and Performances

Well, there are so many 2017 Ford F150 News about the engine units which can be offered for this newest generation of F150. So far, 4 different units are mentioned and you know that you`re going to have more than great choice for this new truck and there is no doubt that everybody can choose something for itself. First and basic choice for most of the customers will be 2.7-liter EcoBoost which can supply new F150 with 325 hp and with 508 Nm of torque amount. Then there can be 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 unit with 365 hp and with 569 Nm of torque. Next in line is 3.5-liter V6 unit capable to deliver power of 282 horses and torque amount of 343 Nm as maximum. Last unit you can decide to fit under the truck of your new 2017 Ford F150 News is going to be 5.0-liter V8 unit which is more than capable to produce 385 horsepower and torque amount of maximum 525 Nm. 10-speed automatic transmission system will be mated with every one engine choice mentioned above and of course that new F150 will be able to receive all his power to every one of his four wheels.

2017 Ford F150 News Side

2017 Ford F150 News and Rumors about the Price and Release date

We can hear a lot of 2017 Ford F150 News about the price and release date for this new mighty truck and most of them are clear with one thing, new 2017 Ford F150 News can`t be released before spring of 2017 and his basic trim level can`t be offered under $45.000 as his beginning price.

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