2017 Ford F150 Price and Release date

There are journals all around the world speculating about 2017 Ford F150 Price and Release date and we think that there isn`t any 100% reliable source to find that out because that information is currently top secret in Ford`s factory. We`ve presented small review of new F150 for you to make sure, one more time, that he`s definitely one of the world`s finest truck and he`s worth every penny Ford`s going to ask for them. Take a look, see that new F150 will definitely going to be leader of truck lineup of 2017.

2017 Ford F150 Price Front

2017 Ford F150 Price Review, Design, Specs

Design of new 2017 Ford F150 Price will be everything you`ve used to from him in the previous generation, inside and outside. From the outside, in this new generation he`s going to look even more powerful and aggressive than he used to look. That`s going to be provided with new bumpers design, both of them will be reinforced and both of them will now going to be bigger than before. Now, headlights are going to be a bit bigger than before with that recognizable square shape with new LED lamps to use. New grille, slightly restyled will be added with more chrome details. Larger, 18.0-inch set of wheels are going to be added so there`s no doubt that new F150 will be available to be taken off-road as well. When we take a look inside new 2017 Ford F150 Price we can see that he`s going to be more than well-equipped inside which will make him look as some best-equipped SUV. We know that new seats are going to be added with better design and with various materials from which they can be made. We recommend premium leather material which will make you feel perfectly relaxed. New functions will be installed in 2017 F150 which will make him easier to control and more technologically advanced truck model.

2017 Ford F150 Price interior

2017 Ford F150 Price Engine and Power, Mpg

New F150 will have more than one engine unit in offer because almost every his version will be powered with different engine unit. Now, customers have to choose between 4 different engine units for new 2017 Ford F150 Price. First, there is 2.7-liter EcoBoost unit with 325 hp and 508 Nm of torque. Second is 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 unit with 365 hp and 569 Nm of torque. Third is 3.5-liter V6 which can supply new 2017 Ford F150 Price with the power of 282 horses and with 343 Nm of torque. 4th and final choice is 5.0-liter V8 unit which is able to deliver 385 horsepower and torque of 525 Nm. 10-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to every one of these 4 engine options which will do him only good things.

2017 Ford F150 Price Rear

2017 Ford F150 Price and Estimated Arrival Date

You have to pay to have new 2017 Ford F150 Price, and you`re going to have to pay a lot. Basic 2017 Ford F150 Price will be around $45.000 and for that, you`re going to get his starting trim level while for those more equipped, you`re have to pay even more than $70.000. Release date of this new F150 isn`t yet precise and we estimate that because he have more than one version, every version will have released date of it`s own. When it comes to the basic version of 2017 Ford F150 Price it`s going to be around the February, 2017 which will mean that he`s going to be available at the beginning of 2017. To make effort of Ford`s designers and engineers worthy, he`ll have to beat all other trucks from his category. His biggest competitive will be 2017 Ram Power Wagon and 2017 Toyota Tundra which are also two representatives of their companies lineup.

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