2017 Ford F150 Review

If there is iconic world model in truck category one of Ford`s is definitely among them. Among a lot of great models, F150 is maybe the best. With new 2017 Ford F150 arriving on the market, we know that there`s going to be great fight for the customers and that if you want to succeed you must be the best. According to the first rumors about new F150 we think that he`s going to arrive without a mistake on it. With great power and with fantastic performances and styling wasn`t a problem for F150 in previous generations as well.

2017 Ford F150 Front

2017 Ford F150 Exterior and Interior, Redesign

Exterior design of every Ford’s vehicle is more than stunning. With this new 2017 Ford F150 we are going to look with admiring. What is great about the design of this new F150 is that he’s functional as well. His entire chassis will be made using high quality, lightweight but strong materials such as aluminum and carbon fibers. Grille will be redesigned and made with more chrome details on it to make it even more attractive to the viewers and to the customers. What is always been great with F150 is that he’s always been able to go off-road as well with no problem and this new generation will be even better because it’s going to be equipped with larger 18.0-inch tires to make it even easier to go on some bumpy or muddy roads.

Interior of new 2017 Ford F150 is on the first place, functional and spacious. Every one of 5 passengers how much it can be placed inside will enjoy his maximum comfort level because Ford has now announced that they’re going to add some better materials on it and to make it even with better lumbar support. All the functions are getting upgraded making it one of the best-equipped trucks on the market. With everything he have, inside and out, it’s going to be real pleasure to have 2017 Ford F150 and if you can, you should get it.

2017 Ford F150 Interior

2017 Ford F150 Engine Modifications

This powerful truck, as new 2017 Ford F150 really is, must be equipped with more than decent engine options. New F150 will have 4 engine options and every one of them will be more than suitable for this kind of truck. First and probably basic option for new F150 will be 2.7-liter EcoBoost unit which is able to deliver 325 horsepower and to give him torque amount of 508 Nm. Second option for new F150 is 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine which can supply this truck with the power of 365 horses and with the torque amount of 569 Nm. Third option will be 3.5-liter V6 with 282 hp and with torque of 343 Nm. Last option for new F150 is going to be 5.0-liter V8 which can generate 385 horsepower and with maximum 525 Nm as torque amount. Every engine choice for new 2017 Ford F150 will be paired with 10-speed automatic transmission system making it available to send the power to every one of four wheels on this powerful truck.

2017 Ford F150 Rear

2017 Ford F150 Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Knowing that starting price for new 2017 Ford F150 will be over $45.000 we can tell you that this isn`t affordable truck but you have already knew that so now, new generation will be even expensive than before. Release date for this, we can call it, luxury truck will be around April of 2017 which will make him ready for all the business you`re going to have at spring of 2017.

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