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2017 Ford F150 Lariat

2017 Ford F150 Lariat Front

Among the greatest versions of Ford`s truck model called F150 we can say that Lariat is definitely one of the most popular one. 2017 Ford F150 Lariat will definitely going to have it`s faithful customers because they love his engine and performances than it can create so there`s no doubt that he`s going to be popular and attractive. F 150 as one of the icons in truck category definitely needs to have amazing trim levels and when we take a look on all the attention they`ve gave him, he can`t be wrong.

2016 Ford f-150 Lariat

2016 Ford f-150 Lariat front

The 2016 Ford f-150 Lariat is going to be one of the most revamped F-150 series vehicles. Ford plans to use more military grade material in the 2016 Lariat. The vehicle should be the same shape and size as the 2015 model. In addition, Ford will try to reduce the overall weight of the 2016 model in order to increase the vehicle horsepower. 2015 f-150 series models were made 700 pounds lighter than 2014 models by using military grade aluminum and steel alloy.